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Captain Ray is in Charge

I didn’t wake up early this morning. I was doing good to join Dad, Laura, and Wade for breakfast. We all spent the morning at the pool (that sand gets annoying after a while). For the afternoon, Dad and Laura had arranged a snorkeling tour. We were told it was a four hour trip on a boat with no cover. Wade decided that much sun plus a tendency for sea sickness were not a good mix. He stayed at the hotel and played some Wii.

We arrived to find Captain Ray, his son, and a bright yellow boat with a cover:

Our four hour tour covered much more than just snorkeling – we saw where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed, took a quick private beach tour, swam in a naturally occurring lazy river, snorkeled, had mangoes on a private beach with lizards for company, and then stopped at the Chat n’ Chill for a drink. The lazy river is probably the best adventure of the bunch. Captain Ray told us that we would do a little walking, a little swimming, and then the we could just float and the current would carry us to a sandbar and the boat would pick us up. He neglected to tell us that standing on the sandbar we would be neck-deep in water and have to fight the current. Captain Ray’s son was supposed to quickly come get us on the sandbar, but he must have been taking a nap. Most of the group had started to drift far away by the time he arrived.

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