A Day At the Beach

I woke up insanely early this morning (7:30 am seems early for a vacation). I went for a run and worked out before joining Dad and Laura for breakfast. I couldn’t understand why no one else wanted to eat at 9. Wade and I then decided to start the day out at the beach. This is the view from my lounge chair:

Melissa and Chris arrived after lunch and just in time for a great rain storm. Wade watched the GaTech football game (he was very worried he wouldn’t be able to get the channel) and the rest of us read in the rooms. Dad and Laura had been to the island before and discovered a great local restaurant called Cheater’s. We had dinner at the small restaurant where we met Cheater. His motto – what happens at Cheater’s never happened. The food was delicious! Here’s a picture of Melissa and Chris:

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