Traveling is Never Easy

My dad and Laura wanted to take all of the kids on a vacation – to Exuma, Bahamas. Wade and I quickly said yes and made plans accordingly. The trip started today with an early flight out of Atlanta. To make things easier on ourselves, we drove down last night and stayed in a hotel near the airport. We got our car parked, bags checked, through security, and onto the plane without incidence. We arrived in Miami and met up with the rest of the group in time for a quick bite to eat. Then the fun started.

We were taking a small plane to Exuma and had to ride a bus to get to the plane. We all boarded the bus, boarded the plane, sat while a hydraulic line was replaced, and then got back on the bus when the entire brake line had to be replaced. We once again boarded the bus and then sat beside a plane for 10 minutes. Then we rode the bus back to the terminal. A third time we boarded the bus, then we boarded the plane, and then we took off! We arrived in Exuma with only a couple hours of delay. Check out the view from the plane:

Wade and I had time for a quick walk on the beach before dinner on the beach with a great lightning show in the background.

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