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Beach Trip Number 1

Wade and I spent the weekend with an old college friend we keep in touch with, a college friend we don’t keep in touch with, a girl we met once while in college, and a girl we’ve never met before. We had an awesome time! Daniel Chandler (the college friend we do keep in touch with) and his girlfriend, Karen, planned a trip to Destin for the week. Wade and I are short on vacation days so we joined the group for Thursday night through Sunday. Adam Alexander (the college friend I haven’t seen since college) and his new bride, Liz, also joined the group for the end of the week.

We spent the days on the beach and the nights playing Wii. The boys tried to boogie board and played games of Bocce in the sand. The girls read and talked and got to know each other. The drive down was another 8 hour marathon trip, but the vacation was definitely worth it!
Not to mention the sun – I got tan!

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