Some Days I Am A Typical Girl

Most days I would consider being called a typical girl an insult. But I have to admit when Wade handed me the traditional Tiffany’s blue box before dinner the other night, I had a typical girl reaction and was very excited. We had talked about not doing gifts this year but taking a trip. Last week Wade told me he had gotten me something “small”. It turns out it was small in size, not simply a token gift.

I opened the box to see the silver earrings I had fallen in love with a few months ago. I had added them to my “Want List” but not given them another thought. I figured I would be lucky if someone got them for me for Christmas. What a pleasant surprise to get them for my anniversary. Thanks Wade – you are the best!

  1. Wade is a typical boy – we won’t do presents and then ends up getting you a surprise!

  2. Awesome surprise! Those little blue boxes are the BEST! Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

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