We’re Closed but Have One for Free

Wade and I both got our chores done around 10:30 last night. He had tried to motivate me earlier with the promise of a Chick-fil-A milkshake (my new favorite). I thought they closed at 10 so when I wasn’t done by then I gave up hope of a milkshake. I finally finished and Wade brought up the milkshake again. I told him Chick-fil-A was closed and he suggested Sonic. I haven’t tried Sonic yet, so we got in the car around 10:45. We pulled up in the drive-thru behind a truck. The truck moved to the window and we sat there and sat there. Finally at 11 we pulled up to the window. The lady leans out and says they are closed. Wade asked what time they closed because we had been sitting there for 15 minutes. She asked what we wanted and said they could still make milkshakes. She even gave them to us for free. (I am guessing it was more trouble to ring us up and she wanted to go home.) My evaluation is that Chick-fil-A’s cookies and cream milkshake is still the best, but Sonic isn’t too bad.

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