Cute Isn’t He?

Wade and I tried out a new church this morning and both left feeling it was so-so. Wade immediately jumped into a new project – the mudroom/garage door. He removed all of the old glass and dog-chewed molding. Then he put in all new. The door required a lot of spackling and sanding, but he almost has it ready for me to paint.

I bought a new organization system for the cleaning supplies and grill utensils. I had to have some help installing them, but that is another small project off the list.

Wade and I drove to Greenville this evening for a Yopp Family performance. Some of our Catalyst friends had been talking about the Yopp family for months. They used to have a Christian children’s theater, but had fallen on hard times. The performance we saw had a Fourth of July theme. The father, four sons, one daughter, and one daughter-in-law sang about our country, the Declaration of Independence, and the war. Wade and I enjoyed the show.

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