A Nap in the Park

Wade and I stayed up much too late last night. We did make it on time to the new church in Greenville where we were meeting Kendall and James. I have to admit it is the friendliest church I have been to and puts all other host teams to shame. At this church, the entire congregation acted as a host team. The people were genuinely interested in us and quickly found people we would connect with (age, job, location, etc.). After the two hour service, the four of us went to lunch at a local diner. We haven’t seen the Pickens in quite a while so lunch was a couple of hours long.

Wade and I had dinner plans in Greenville and not enough time to go back to Anderson. Instead we ran by the mall and then went to the park and took a nap. I haven’t had such a relaxing day in ages. The park is in downtown Greenville with an awesome suspension bridge. There is a river with rocks that make it easy for everyone to wade in and play.

Dinner was the planning of something fun. More about that in a few weeks.

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