The Refrigerator is Fixed!

After waiting over a week, Wade called the repair people to see when the necessary part should arrive. They told him that it was back-ordered from the supplier and they couldn’t even give us an estimate. The repairman suggested we call Maytag customer service and maybe we could get an answer from them. After three different answers and being disconnected four times, Wade called the VP of Costumer Service at Whirpool. He called back in a few hours. We got the necessary part the next day and were told all of our expenses (including the mini-fridge) would be reimbursed. The part arrived and the repairman was at our door 10 minutes later to install it. Turns out it was the wrong part. The first repairman had diagnosed the problem incorrectly. The man ordered the new part and promised it would be in the next day. He brought it to our house a few minutes after Wade got home and now we have a working fridge. Geez!

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