Story Time

I love to read. I’ve always loved to read. I often have a book I don’t want to put down until I finish and Wade is very understanding. Work tends to get in the way but I avoid temptation by leaving the book at home. Now for my current problem. I not only have a book I don’t want to put down – the book is part of a 13 book series. I am currently on book number 5, but I started the weekend on number 3.

My friend Kate gave me the second book in the series for Christmas a few years ago. I am a little particular about things and didn’t want to start a series with the second book. However, it took me till my last trip to the used bookstore to find the first book.

Janet Evanovich writes the Stephanie Plum novels. The books center on a woman in her late twenties who grew up in and still lives in an Italian New Jersey neighborhood referred to as “The Burg”. She lives paycheck to paycheck and when she is out of work her cousin the bail bondsman gives her a job as a bounty hunter. Stephanie is a horrible bounty hunter. She is scared of guns, hates to run, hates to be shot at, isn’t in shape, gets easily distracted in the shoe section at Macy’s,etc. However, Stephanie does always get her man with lots of humorous encounters thrown in. There is also the neighborhood boy she grew up with who is now a cop. They seem to have a love hate relationship with lots of sparks. He is constantly annoyed that she ends up finding dead bodies and landing in the middle of his cases. I’m addicted – must read more…

  1. Did I do that? Why would I send you book 2 and not 1? Strange. I must not have been able to find the first book or something. Anyway, I have read all 13 and they are the best!

  2. Hey Kate – that’s exactly what happened. I still had the note explaining that in front of the book. I just can’t believe it took me this long to buy the first one!

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