Cinco de Mayo – the Second Time

And a tradition is born. Last year on Cinco de Mayo, my SA friends and their husbands got together for the first time. We’ve had various outings since then, and had another one today. Tina, Dave, Carol, and Rick drove up from Atlanta to see Wade and I. They came to our house and then we all went bowling. Tina had her own pink ball (which I am convinced has lots of luck, I used it too) and Carol had a brand new ball named Wilson. We bowled two games and had a great time. Then we had Mexican, of course! I showed off my favorite local restaurant – the rocket donkey. The waiter spoke no English, but we mostly got what we ordered. Tina’s chicken fajitas had a few pieces of beef and Dave’s beef fajitas had a few pieces of chicken. Now I am stuffed and thinking about a nap.

Yes, I know it is a blurry picture. However the woman who took it didn’t speak English and seemed very confused. I was just glad we were all actually in the picture.

  1. Thanks for the pointers on my bowling techniques! Wilson and I will have a meeting of the minds eventually!

  2. Oh, and a question . . . . did we all buy our jeans at the same place?

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