Life Just Got Easier

I forgot to mention one of my favorite birthday gifts – a new roomba! The new roomba is a smart one. You can program it to clean rooms at certain times. It will even go back to the charger when the battery is running low. Now I can just push a button and my dirty kitchen floor will bother me no more.

This is in fact our second roomba. The first roomba was a wedding gift and we basically wore it out. The battery would no longer hold a charge. Wade found a hack site and discovered way to put a RIGID battery in the roomba. Working for TTi, we have access to lots of RIGID batteries so Wade tried the hack himself. Wade has proved to me that it turns on, but he hasn’t made it all pretty yet. It is still taking up residence in my living room chair….

  1. I would love to have a Roomba . . . however, that would be all that Mia would need to send her into cardiac cat Heaven . . . . . . . she’s terrified of our regular vaccum – could you imagine her rounding a corner and meeting head-on with the Roomba? I’m sure it would win America’s Funniest Video if it were on tape . . .

  2. Madison gets scared of it. We even put food on top of it thinking she would overcome her fear for the food – she didn’t. Of course, we still run it when she is around just to watch and laugh – mean aren’t we?

  3. What you and Wade will do for entertainment!!!! LOL

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