Oh Happy Days

My boss just stopped by my desk and asked, “Are you happy?” What a great boss. I’ve never worked in an environment quite like this one before. I definitely made the right decision in returning to an office environment.

On a side note: I came across a great reverse eBay scam story. The seller recognized a scam and strung the guy along till the end. Instead of sending a brand new laptop, she sent a 3 ring binder with marker drawings and some loose keyboard keys. Read the story here.

  1. your link gave me an opps page here at work….

  2. Hey Jamie….make sure that the IT Police don’t come and get you!

  3. Hey Jamie – Doesn’t your company block a lot of sites? I can’t imagine why they think would be something people shouldn’t read at work 😉

  4. That prank was hysterical! What goes around comes around. 🙂

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