Chaos Reigns

Well, I think I have scared Wade off from fostering dogs forever. We thought Jack would only be with us a few weeks – it has now been two months. Jack is a great dog and I would keep him if Wade would let me (he won’t). Wade warned me that he was reaching his limit and Jack needed to go. I contacted my state coordinator and told him if we couldn’t find Jack a home in two weeks, we would need to find a new foster home for him. Well, we found a family that wanted to adopt him. Then they backed out. Then we had two families fighting over Jack – that didn’t go very well. I’m not sure why it got so messed up. Anyway, finally it was decided that Jack would be going to PA and travel would be April 14th. However, my state coordinator only sent the contract yesterday and no arrangements have been made.

Then I got an email from a concerned dog lover. She was visiting dogs at the Greenville Humane Society and found a Brittany Spaniel. She contacted me and I agreed to go pull the dog from the shelter. I was told the dog was a two year old female. Being a little older and female, I convinced Wade to let the dog stay with us for one night and I would find a place to board it the next day till it could go to a foster home. When I got to the Humane Society, I found a 9 month old male dog who weighs 40 pounds. We brought Remington home and it was utter chaos. He wanted to be Alpha dog and terrorized Madison and Jack. We put Remington in the kennel and he barked and whined and barked. He was impossible to control and very strong. I am so thankful for the great foster dogs we have had in the past. I think Remington needs to be an only dog.

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