Happy Easter

Church was full of new visitors today. Partly due to the huge egg drop our church hosted yesterday – 25,000 eggs dropped out of a helicopter. There were also lots of familiar faces. Nate and Michelle were there – we haven’t seen them in about two weeks. I feel like I’m in withdrawal. For a while we saw them every few days. We did go ahead and make plans to get together next weekend after they get back from a nice, relaxing cruise.

After church, Wade and I had Easter lunch with the Wright’s. Their menu was very similar to what my family was having in Kentucky. The important dishes being ham and homemade mac and cheese. We stayed a few hours at their house and then headed home for Sunday afternoon naps.

I was somewhat productive after my nap – a little painting. Wade finished cleaning his office and started making plans for the bookshelves he is going to cut into the wall. I think it will look great when he finishes, but I know there will probably be some painting in this project for me. It never ends…

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