A Full House

Jamie and Cody (her dog) came to visit this weekend. They arrived in time to grill kabobs and spend a few hours talking before bedtime. Today we did what we do best – shopping. We shopped a little in Anderson and then drove to Greenville for “the big mall”. Jamie and I can truly say we have shopped around the world together (Semester-At-Sea). We decided to have leftover kabobs for dinner again tonight before Jamie drove home. I wonder if she’ll come back if I keep making her eat leftovers?
As you can see – Jamie’s dog is definitely dwarfed by Madison and Jack, but they all seem to get along pretty well.

  1. Oh I think I will come back. Cody likes Madison’s pillows too much. ;o)

  2. Awesome! Next time I think we’ll just eat cookie dough the entire visit.

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