That Cute Little Puppy

Jack is still with us and looking for a home. We’ve had lots of people interested, but no one has completed all of the paperwork yet. Jack has also become more adventurous. I let go of his collar a moment to unlock the back door (shock that it was actually locked, I know) and he darted. Then Madison quickly followed. I got Madison to stop fairly quickly with voice commands, but Jack just kept going. I took Madison home and then drove around to look for Jack. The nice policeman that was looking for speeders agreed to keep a look out for him. I finally happened upon him on a side street and he came when I called. Thank goodness – I was getting worried.

  1. Possibly Madison has been giving Jack private lessons in the fine art of “escaping” . . . . she was very good at it you remember.

  2. Don’t remind me! I thought we were past those days….

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