Rebates Equal Money for Me


Wade and I are tech people. We know lots about electronics and seem to buy computers and electronics on a regular basis. Christmas is a perfect example. We gave Wade’s mom a whole new computer setup, updated Wade’s dad’s computer, gave my mom a new flat screen TV and DVD player. Many of these items come with rebates. Wade would probably never mess with them – he doesn’t do detail things very well. I am the detail queen. I get everything turned in on time. The only thing I didn’t do was keep up with the rebates. If a check came in the mail, I was happy. If it didn’t, I never realized it. Then the rebate companies started asking for your email. Now they let me know when my check is coming or if there is a problem with my rebate.

About now all of our rebate checks from Christmas are being mailed. I decided to check on the ones I haven’t received yet. The $80 rebate website said it wasn’t coming because we didn’t include the UPC. I know for a fact we did because I had to unwrap a present to get it. However, I have no proof. I didn’t make copies of the items I sent and I don’t have what was left of the box. I was annoyed and mentioned it to Wade. He searched google for a phone number and called the company. Evidently they are having “technical difficulties” and will have it all sorted out in a month. Wade thinks they lost a bunch of UPCs and aren’t sure how to handle it. I guess a little perseverance pays off.

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