Puppies Everywhere

Wade’s Aunt and Uncle came for lunch today. They brought pictures of the new puppies they are getting – a German short-haired pointer and a springer spaniel (not the one pictured to the right). I think the plan is to use the German short-haired pointer as a hunting dog for Uncle John and the springer spaniel as a companion for Aunt Louise. We even played a game of bowling on the Nintendo Wii.

Wade spent the rest of the day working on his shop. He now has a router table and a dust collection system. Maybe he will get started on some of my big projects now – like a coffee table, desk, and a dining room table! Wade and I did drive by a house we like. We aren’t really house hunting, but who can pass up an awesome house. Maybe we’ll go see the inside this week. I spent most of the day laying on the couch with a splitting migraine headache – darn head! I was even in bed for good by 7 pm.

  1. Hey, that is a great house, but I have to say, I like the one you have now just as much!

  2. What an interesting house. It has so many neat niches.

  3. We did go see the house. We loved the outside, but not the inside. It had all the problems of an old house and was missing the charm. Someone had added on rooms and they were obviously cheaply done and without wood floors, nice molding, etc. We weren’t really ready to move anyway…

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