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Chaos Once Again

We got our new foster dog today. He is a 30 pound, 6 (or maybe 8 ) month old puppy. I couldn’t believe how much he looks like Madison. Jack is on the left and Madison is on the right.

After a while of calling him “puppy”, I picked the name Jack. Jack and Madison had quite a romp in the backyard. I think Madison likes having a dog that will finally play with her. Our neighbor’s dog even jumped the fence to join in the fun. In the few short hours he has been with us, Jack has had a bath, learned that Wade is the boss, and had an accident inside. Let the housetraining begin.

Good thing he’s adorable.

  1. The question is did Jack try to mark your furniture like Cody did? I think Cody claimed the green chair and the corner of your bed.

  2. Jack marked the corner of the fireplace. I thought he might go for the places Cody did, but he didn’t.

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