I Don’t Need A Bag

I have always recycled and tried to at least be environmentally conscious. My latest thought is simply to reduce what needs to be recycled, such as shopping bags. When buying at the mall, I simply tell the people I already have a bag or can reuse one I used to carry in a return. At the grocery store, I like to check myself out so that I can use fewer bags. At Home Depot, I often just carry the item and the receipt without a bag. A lot of sales people have issues with this. I have had people insist that I need to put the item from their store in a bag even if that bag is going inside another bag (Dillard’s).

Today I was at Lowe’s and bought a replacement water filter for our fridge. It is a small item and would easily fit in my purse. As I was checking out, I told the woman I didn’t need a bag. She insists and shows me that she even has a small bag. A small one is no better than a big one, but she obviously missed my whole point.

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