She Does It Again

My Mom and I had a great visit. Wade was in Orlando for the week so Mom and I would leave the house at 9 am and not get home for another twelve hours. We found antique stores, junk stores, rug stores, knick knack stores, and a mall. Below is the finished product. Mom even helped me use almost every single piece of furniture, knick knack, lamp, and picture frame I own.
My favorite – the living room. We used Meme’s old steamer trunk, Aunt Viola’s Desk, and Aunt Viola’s knick knacks. We bought the small table between the two chairs and the antique dumbbells (which are hidden behind Wade’s twizzlers).

My sunroom. We added stuff to the mantle and knick knacks to the bookshelves.

Our bedroom. In the first picture, we used replica metal ceiling tiles over the bed. Too bad we couldn’t find old ones.

We moved a bunch of pictures around on the walls and added old pictures of Meme and Papaw to the bookshelves.

The dresser has a new lamp and we bought an old Victorian letter box to hold my makeup and jewelry.

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