Finally They Pay Up

Wade and I have had quite a round with Budget Rental Car. We used them when we took our trip to LA last July. When we got the receipt we realized we didn’t agree with all of the charges. Wade called and had quite a round with a customer service rep and then their manager. Evidently neither of them was very happy when they got off the phone. (Thank goodness Wade will make these calls – I hate confrontation.) The end result of the conversation was that Budget would give us back half of the disputed money. A month later the refund had still not appeared on my credit card and I still wasn’t happy with the whole situation so I wrote a complaint letter. I never heard back and wrote off the whole experience. Then I was cleaning my office a few weeks ago and found all the paperwork. I found a way to file a complaint on their website. After a week, I got an email from customer service saying they had reviewed our case and half of the money had been offered, but Wade had declined it and the case was closed. I had a fit and emailed back. I got an email a week later apologizing and promising the money in 48 hours. I got the money credited to my account today. Thank goodness that is all over. I definitely will not be using them again. Geez!

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