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Lights, Camera, Action

This post is really just about lights. Wade and I spent the day doing some wiring in his shop. I wanted another light switch for the outdoor lights inside the back door. He wanted an additional 220 line run for his new compressor. Spending today in the attic was much better than last time in 100 degree weather. Wade did most of the lighting and I worked on the 220 line. I installed a new junction box and was about to cut the existing line when it occurred to me we had only turned off the breakers for the overhead lights. Thank goodness I didn’t think of that a few seconds later. It took most of the afternoon, but we got it all done. Did I mention how dirty the attic is? I think I’m wearing quite a bit of it on my face.

  1. Well you did better than me… Last time I was in the attic I cut into a hot line trying to install a Ceiling fan. Never assume that you can possible understand how a house is wire… that is the lesson I took from the experience. These days almost the entire house goes dark before I cut anything.
    By the way, How smart of an idea was it to insulate wire cutters.. someones is really thinking for those of us that don’t!

  2. I remember you trying to wire up a ceiling fan about a year ago. Mabye that was the same one. Yeah, getting shocked is no fun. I have had it happen a couple of times, but I always prefer the electricity off!

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