Dinner, Games, and Laughs

I love the random stories about how people meet. I had met a friend of a friend at Girl’s Night Out (a girl at my church sets these up once a month for all the girls she knows). The second time we saw each other at Girl’s Night Out, Michelle and I ended up sitting across from each other. We talked all through dinner and another 30 minutes in the parking lot after everyone else had left. We introduced the husbands to each other at church and then last week planned to get together on Saturday. I am always a little hesitant about inviting people to dinner who are not from Anderson. Wade and I drive to Greenville all the time and don’t even think twice about it, but I know not everyone feels the same way. They showed up around 7 and we threw some steaks on the grill. We all bowled on the Nintendo Wii and then Michelle and I talked while the boys played video games. We even managed to finish off the appetizer after dinner. We had a great time. Wade loved that they didn’t try to hide their quirks but openly made fun of each other (like we do).

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