Goodbye Tubbles

A nice family from Asheville, North Carolina came today to check out Tubbles. I had emailed with the woman quite a bit and they seemed very interested. I should have known it was a sure thing when they brought their children with them. The family spent an hour at our house talking with us and visiting with Tubbles. When they left, Tubbles went with them. I hope they are all perfect for each other.

  1. Aww, it looks like she has a nice new family. I bet you were sad to see her go! Does Madison miss her?

  2. I was just happy that we finally found a family for Tubbles. I was worried she might end up staying with us indefinitely. I can’t really tell a difference in Madison, but then they never did play together. Tubbles would just tolerate Madison trying to play. Maybe we’ll get a young dog for Madison to play with next.

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