We Have the Wii

Wade was having a yucky day so I decided to try extra hard to find him the Nintendo Wii I promised for his birthday. By now I know that stores randomly get them in, but they don’t know when. I called all the stores in Anderson but nobody had one. We were headed to Greenville tonight so I thought I would call a few places there. The first one I tried was K-Mart close to a friend’s house. I was shocked when the woman told me she had one in stock. I asked if it was possible to hold it and she said no (of course not). It was early in the afternoon and we didn’t have to be in Greenville till after dinner so I called my friend Kendall (who lived nearby) and begged her to go get it for me. She told me I didn’t have to beg, she would be happy to. Then she says, “What is it again?” Needless to say Wade was excited. We played it as soon as we got home and both loved it. It’s interactive and fun for all.

  1. so you have the original nes, the super nes, the game boy, the nintendo 64, the game boy advantage, the game cube, and the wii. did i miss anything? i think nintendo should give you guys a 20 year loyalty recognition award. that’s long enough for a whole career!

  2. If only Nintendo thought we were that special. We would love some loyalty recognition.

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