A Little of This, A Little of That

Wade and I were excited that our church decided to change early service from 9 am to 9:30 am. That means we can now get up at 6:45 to be there at 7:45 (we have to drive 30 minutes) for set up. We didn’t go to bed till 2:30 am so I don’t think it is surprising that we didn’t hear the alarm until 7:15 am. Oh well, we did make it in time to help a little. Wade and I worked both services and then began our busy day.

We picked up one of Wade’s interns at the airport (he flew in for the big presentation tomorrow) and then drove to Aunt Louise and Uncle John’s. We are driving to Memphis on Friday to pick up some furniture and needed to borrow Uncle John’s trailer. While we were there, Aunt Louise loaded us up! We got a fireplace screen, fireplace tools, a singing Christmas frog, gift cards, etc. When we got home, Wade and the intern went into work. I gave the dogs a bath, went to the grocery, cleaned house, finished my book, cooked dinner, and delivered it to the guys at work. Now I am going to build a fire and watch a movie while it storms outside – perfect!

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