If Only the World Ran Like I Wanted It To

I seem to be having problems with getting details taken care of. I bought Wade a watch for Christmas. When I got it in the mail, it was the wrong one. I emailed with the Internet company (Charles and Marie) and they said to mail it back, get a refund, and place a new order for the right watch. I did all of that. I even got an email from them confirming that they had received the watch and the refund would go through that day (11/27). However, my refund never appeared. I sent two more email over the next month to the company that were never answered. At this point I thought my money was gone. Then my sister suggested going through the credit card company. I was in the middle of filing a dispute when Wade emailed the company. I got a receipt for my refund the next day and he got a personal email. Maybe I just need lessons in how to write threatening emails, but if everyone did what they were supposed to do then it would all work out. At least Wade loved his watch.

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