Happy New Year

Wade and I decided to forgo church in the traditional sense. Instead, we built a fire and listened to a sermon we had missed in the current series from the comfort of our couch. To sound at least a little productive, we did reconnect the doorbells. We accidentally cut the wrong wire when we had rewired my basement (a long time ago), but had never fixed the problem. Lots of people would push the nonworking doorbell and never knock on the door.

We spent New Year’s at the Floyds’. They had a few couples over for dinner and games. They introduced us to Attack Uno, which I lost. They also had Pictionary. I haven’t played that since I was a kid. They had a large wipe board on an easel and my team won – all because of me, I’m sure. Welcome 2007!

  1. Jim here (not LA) –
    Though your contributions to Pictionary were significant, we did have the help of a 10 year old that stayed at the board for about 35 clues straight (O.K., maybe 10…).
    (Proud dad here).
    But somebody had to interpret the drawings, and for the record – on your blog – we’ll just say you did all 35. 🙂
    Happy New Year!!
    Your “other” team mate,

  2. Hey Jim – Thanks for letting me continue to live in my little bubbles!

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