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GaTech Wins by a Landslide

Wade and I decided we hadn’t traveled enough so hopped in the car and drove to Atlanta for the day. We stopped at the outlets in Commerce, GA and made a few returns. Then we drove straight to Perimeter Mall and had a meal with Mindy and Andy. They are in the middle of moving to Syracuse, NY but spent the holidays in Atlanta. We ate and then sat and talked for a couple of hours. The waiter was very nice and even kept our glasses full. We tried to convince Mindy and Andy to skip out on their dinner plans and join us for the GaTech vs. Saint Francis game, but they are too nice for that. Wade’s guilt trip didn’t even make a difference.

Wade and I enjoyed our first game this year at the Coliseum. I have a new favorite player – Jeremis Smith. I think every player on our team got at least a few minutes of playing time. Saint Francis tried, but we still blew them out of the water. The final score was 87-43. Go Yellow Jackets!

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