Wade / Holly / Toadfrogs / Atlanta

The Eighth and Ninth Christmases – in Paducah

Wade and I spent most of the day at his grandparents’ house. We had breakfast, including Judy’s famous coffee cake, and then gathered around the Christmas Tree. Papa didn’t like waiting his turn to open a gift and would often dive right in. Granny continued the tradition of giving Wade toothpaste. Wade had considered returning the favor and giving Granny an AOL CD, but didn’t in the end.

The best gift had a tag that read to Judy from Jerry. Included in the gift was a heartfelt letter thanking her for all she does. The actual gift was the unlabeled cans from the white elephant exchange (picture below). Emily and Brian were the masterminds and deserve full credit. The family also has fake dog poo that gets passed around at Christmas. It appeared again this year as a gift to Uncle John. This Christmas is always full of laughs. Did I mention when Granny started making condom jokes? Papa had been saying condiment and didn’t get the whole word out fast enough…

We got back to Mom’s house and all took a nap. Then the Upshaws, minus Liza, appeared for our last Christmas. The Toadfrogs and Elephants weren’t all there, but we took our traditional picture anyway.

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