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The Third and Fourth Christmases – in Memphis and Paducah

Wade stayed up most of the night preparing his mom’s Christmas present (a new computer). After a big family breakfast we got to opening presents. The best present was given by Judy to Brian. Evidently Brian had gotten two large unlabeled cans as a white elephant gift at Wesley in Murray. Emily thought it would be funny to have Judy wrap them up and give them to him again at this Christmas. Brian took it in good grace.

We all had a quick lunch and headed to Kentucky. Emily and Brian drove to Murray. Judy and Jerry drove to Reidland. Wade and I drove to Paducah. We stopped by mom’s house and then Wade dropped me off at Amy’s house for Christmas with the Fab Four. We weren’t together long, but it was fun to catch up. Johnna even brought her step-daughter, Taylor.

Johnna dropped me at mom’s house. Then Wade and I packed up and headed to Dad’s house. Laura cooked a fantastic meal and then we all enjoyed Dad’s new outdoor hot tub.

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