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Christmas Comes A Little Early

Wade and I started separating the presents under our tree into piles. We are going to try to pack the car so that what we need first will be easiest to reach. While making our piles, we realized we have too much stuff. My car is only so big… (Did I forget to mention we are also bringing a lot of tools from Wade’s Tool Sale at work?) The obvious initial solution to our problem was to leave a few of the presents at home. Wade and I each opened the largest (in size) gift the other person was giving us. You can see that Wade got a remote controlled helicopter (he is very bummed it won’t be coming to Paducah) and I got a Slanket (a blanket with sleeves so I can be warm and read)!

  1. You two crack me up.

  2. My mom would love one of those blankets! I used to have one called a “Huggler” that had snaps around it, so that you had a hood and sleeves. But it was more trouble than it was worth!

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