Is It Really December?

The temperature was 70 degrees today. That just isn’t right. Wade and I worked outside – I worked on refinishing my tool chest and Wade organized his shop. I was wearing jeans, flip flops, and a t-shirt. I really wanted to wear shorts, but I just didn’t feel right putting them on. I knew we wouldn’t get any snow living in South Carolina, but at this rate I’m not even going to get to wear a single sweater!

On an unrelated note: I discovered Belk’s is a decent department store. I bought two jackets the other day, but I knew I would only be keeping one. I am the queen of buying and returning. Well somehow I misplaced the receipt – very unlike me. I really didn’t want that much money in store credit, but I didn’t want the jacket to go on sale any further either. I finally called the store and they can look up purchases from your credit card – just like Home Depot and Target. This makes returns so much easier. Now if only all the stores would save my credit card info my returning would be simple.

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