Tubbles ate the Tree

Wade and I were in a rush (as usual) to leave the house for bible study. Madison followed us out the door so we put her in the backyard. Tubbles has been left alone inside before and never caused trouble so we didn’t hunt her down to take her out. When we got home, we noticed the tree looked a little funny. Upon closer inspection, we realized Tubbles had eaten the bottom row of popcorn. I thought it was well out of her reach, but she much have climbed on top of the presents. The lights and beads were all falling off, ornaments were on the floor, and pine needles were everywhere. At least the popcorn was air popped. Tubbles didn’t fall off her diet too much!

Sadly she did seem to tear one package apart. Jamie’s bag is now in shreds, but the present is still in one piece. I have one more gift to wrap it seems.

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