Aftermath of My Wreck

My car was taken into the shop last Monday. Due to USAA (my insurance company) and Enterprise Rent-A-Car, I didn’t get a rental car until Wednesday morning. I suppose that isn’t the end of the world, but it would have been nice to get a car when mine was no longer available. The Enterprise people were really nice to me as soon as they found out my sister used to work for their company, but I still didn’t get a car for two days.

The body shop called today to say that my car was fixed. I returned the rental car and was about to drive off in my car when I noticed a light on the dash. The light was telling me I had a brake light out. I went back inside and the nice man told me he thought he’d fixed that. Then he asked me if I had had a brake light out before I brought the car to him. I told him no. He said he had driven my car all the way to Greenville to have the Acura dealer replace the brake light that was out – no comment on the fact that he had to drive 60 miles to have someone else change a light – I can change a light. We checked the lights and they were all working. Then he tells me I can drive it to Greenville to have it looked at or let him do it. I drove my car home that night but I am taking it back to him. I don’t want to deal with this mess. I have the feeling something in the repairs isn’t quite right and it has nothing to do with the Acura dealership. I also found a run in the paint on the bumper. This place is a USAA guaranteed shop which is good since I wasn’t satisfied and they will make it right. I’d much rather it had been right the first time.

Now I will be without a car once more. It will take me another two days to get a car back from Enterprise and by then mine will be done.

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