Oops and I Got It for Free

I mentioned yesterday about the packages I inadvertently had shipped to our old address. Now I will tell you the whole story. I ordered three things for Wade for Christmas. Two were from Sam’s Club and one was from an individual through paypal. I waited over a week before I thought to track the packages. Then I discovered that all of them had been sent to our old address. Both places had saved my previous address and I hadn’t needed to use them since moving. I called Sam’s Club and they told me they would take care of the items and refund my money. The individual wasn’t any help and he had shipped through USPS. After I realized I wasn’t going to be able to reorder the gift from the individual, I thought to contact my old landlord. She told me her current renters had mentioned the boxes to her and asked for my number – which is now different from what she had on file. I emailed and called the current renter asking her if I could get the boxes on Wednesday when we drove through Atlanta. She didn’t return my call till we were out of Atlanta, but I did arrange to pick up the items on Sunday evening. She had only received the two from Sam’s Club, but I did get those. Now I have two items that I haven’t paid for. I called Sam’s Club and explained it all to them. They decided I was too much trouble and told me to keep the items and not worry about paying for them. At least Wade now gets two of the three gifts I had ordered.

  1. Cool! It’s amazing that a Walmart company is not as stingy as they usually seem to be. Maybe you’ll get the 3rd package too!

  2. I’m still hoping

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