Simultaneous Projects

Because I have nothing to do while the paint on the walls in the dining room is drying, I decided to start a second project. I bought an old tool chest at an auction a few months ago and it has been sitting in my basement every since. I’m not sure if the wood is stained or painted, but it is a horrible green color. My plan is to refinish and then stain the chest, but the project is always pushed to the back burner.

I decided to start small – with the inside of the lid. This way, if anything goes wrong, I can always paint the inside of the chest. I have used chemical strippers in the past and been very pleased. Chemical strippers are very messy and have horrible fumes so Wade suggested I work in the basement. I think he is just worried about his nice new shop.

After working and working, I have determined the chest is going to be trouble. I tried two chemical strippers, but neither removed the paint. I tried the heat gun and that didn’t work either. The last option is sanding – a lot of sanding. I think I’ll wait till after Thanksgiving to begin that.

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