News from the Homefront

I realized the other day that there is big news I haven’t posted. I don’t normally post about politics. Actually, I don’t normally care about politics. However, my dad has decided to run for governor in KY for 2007. This is a race I definitely find interesting.

  1. Wow, that’s a nice looking website. Tell him good luck. Not sure what his politics are, but if he can keep the Board of Education from saying anything for the next year and get the nomination without trending too far to the right, he might just have a chance.

  2. Hmm… not sure how I managed to confuse Kansas with Kentucky… perhaps I shouldn’t be writting up work responses right now.. 😉
    Still best of luck to your dad

  3. Holly…when your dad becomes governor can I come to his victory party? Your dad has my vote!

  4. Matt – That’s what you get for working on a Sunday night. Kentucky, Kansas – at least they both start with a “K”.
    Paddy – Of course you can come. Everyone will be invited 🙂

  5. The site is incredible. Tell Billy I’ll get the family to vote for him. I would but I don’t know that it would count:)

  6. He already has my vote; I got on the website a few weeks ago and it DOES look fantastic!

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