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A Pool Party in November

We traveled again this weekend. My dad and Laura had a pool built this summer, but due to the construction schedule and all the family’s schedules this was the first weekend we could have a family pool party. Thank goodness the pool is heated and the sun was shining. We actually played quite a bit. Madison took a lot of coaching but got in and did some swimming. Dad and Laura’s dogs were fascinated by the remote controlled shark and the water jets. Frank (the yellow lab) spent hours trying to “catch” the moving water exiting the jet.

Tubbles took off on me this morning and ran the length of dad’s property – 40ish acres. After her little jaunt she wouldn’t move off the porch. I have the feeling she tired herself out and didn’t help her arthritis either. Maybe next time she’ll try the pool. The pool and hot tub are filled with salt water – which means no chemicals are needed. The salt content is so low that you don’t notice and aren’t sticky when you leave the water. I like this new idea.

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