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Happy Halloween

This is our first Halloween in the new house. I bought a bag of candy at Sam’s, but thought I would be eating most of it. In our previous two houses we have not had a single trick or treater. A neighbor warned me that there might be a lot of kids so I did pick up another big bag of candy at Sam’s. The kids started knocking on the door at 5. Evidently we live in the “cool” neighborhood because there was a steady stream of parents in cars dropping the kids off. We had somewhere between 150 and 200 kids show up for treats. I ran out of candy at 7:30 and had to turn off our porch lights.

Here is Madison in her very cheap lobster outfit. I am not a fan of clothes on dogs, but I thought this was too funny. Wade said she was depressed and took it off. Looking at the picture, maybe he’s right.

My adorable neighbor Emma is a princess.

Wade and I even managed to carve some pumpkins in between handing out candy.

  1. Poor Madison! She looked cute but I definitely don’t think she felt that way. What about poor Tibbles?

  2. I spelt Tubbles name wrong. Sorry poor Tubbles.

  3. I actually tried to put it on Tubbles, but she got scared. Not to mention that her ears are fatter than Madison’s and wouldn’t fit through the little holes.

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