A Bad Day

Today was just a bad day. Nothing seems to be going right – church stuff, work stuff, etc. Our internet even decided to go out for the day.

Actually, the internet going out is kind of funny. It went out at about 10 am and was out all day. I haven’t had any work lately so I wasn’t using the computer, but Wade looked at it when he got home. He diagnosed it as an error on the cable company’s side. We tried to call, but all of our account information is on the internet. We get paperless bills and pay the bills electronically. I had no idea what our account number was. Not to mention that they don’t like it when your phone (our old one) is in a different state than your address. When we finally got to a person (this is around 1 am), we realized that we weren’t paying for internet. I had requested it when we got cable service, a man even came out and set it up. I never looked at the itemized bill, I just paid it – bad on my part I know. The worst part was that I couldn’t sign up for internet service till the next morning at 7 am. I was up till 4 am messing with this. I got a couple hours of sleep….

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