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They Look Cute, Don’t They?

Today was just a Houdini day. The area between our backdoor and backyard is not fenced in. Normally the dogs happily run from one to the other. Today Tubbles decided to run off. By the time I had Madison secured inside the house, Tubbles was nowhere to be seen. Of course this is one of the few times she doesn’t have her collar on, she doesn’t respond well to her name, and I wasn’t sure she was smart enough to find her way home. I spent an hour looking for her, but found nothing. Nobody I talked to had seen her so I still wasn’t even sure which direction she ran. I sat down for lunch with Wade and then went out to look some more. Who was sitting at the backdoor waiting for me but Tubbles? Thank goodness!

Later that evening Wade and I were eating dinner when there was a knock at our door. We looked at each other and said “Madison.” Sure enough, our mean neighbor (who I have decided is no longer mean) had sent her granddaughter over to tell us Madison was running loose. She had once again jumped the fence about 10 minutes before we had to leave for Bible Study. The good news is she came running when I called. She will now be an inside dog until we figure out where she is escaping.

Why oh why did they both decide to run away on the same day?

  1. Madison looks like she’s pouting on her pillow. I’m sure her mind is working overtime planning her next “outing”.

  2. I have no doubt. She is T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

  3. She’s hitting her “teenage” years . . . . have fun!

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