Free Time Galore

I woke up this morning with nothing to do. What an odd feeling – not as good as you would think. Scientific-Atlanta has run out of work for me so I am just floating free. I’ve even finished all of my major house projects. (To clarify, the projects I can do without Wade’s help. There is still lots to do.) Today I am going to spend running errands and doing chores, but I have the feeling I am going to go stir crazy very soon.
Here is today’s agenda:
– get permanent retainer replaced
– wash my car
– give Tubbles a bath
– go running
– take Tubbles for a walk
– drop off an envelope at the post office
– make dessert for our group meeting tonight
– clean and polish door hardware
– clean up Wade’s shop
– finish my book
– respond to emails
Maybe I’ll add things as they come up today.

  1. tubbles?

  2. Tubbles is the fat foster dog we have living with us.

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