No Cavities

I have posted before on my bad luck with doctors. Well I found a great dentist today. I called to schedule a cleaning 6 months ago (which is when I needed it) and the end of September was the earliest they could get me in. I decided to wait, and I’m glad I did. The entire staff was great. The hygienist noticed that I had a sensitive tooth and asked if I would prefer a cleaning without cold water. Cold water makes my tooth ache, but even the dentists that know about my tooth always use cold water. This is my first cleaning without discomfort in years! Then the dentist told me I had beautiful teeth and no cavities. A little flattery goes a long way. Of course, Wade spends so much money there they maybe they figured it would be best to keep me happy!

I spent the rest of the afternoon in Greenville. I met Kendall for lunch and then we did some leather couch shopping. I am determined to find exactly what I want for our living room. Too bad it is not just me that has to be happy. Wade has some pretty strong opinions.

Now I am off to do some more painting. Will it ever end?

  1. Holly,
    I feel as if we have not talked for months!! However, I just had a wonderful visit with you on your blog. Three months worth. I have been so far behind!
    It sounds as if you all are going to town on your house and the pictures look lovely. I am so glad you are usually lots of color. Would you believe we have finally started doing something about ours so I can appreciate what you are going through.
    The first room we have completed is the downstairs rec room which I now call my library. We had it done in fall colors and I just love it. All of my books will now have a place and hopefully I will actually be able to find them when I am looking. It is going to take until next spring before most of it gets completed but it will be worth the wait. Your solution of removing paint from hardware sounds like a winner and I will be trying it before long.
    Billy and Laura and Ken are on their way here for Budd’s Creek weekend. They thought they would be in by ten but it is now after eleven and I haven’t heard. We have had some bad storms in the area tonight so that may have delayed them. This is giving me some computer time that I never seem to have lately.
    And now for the pets. I adore them. What a wonderful thing to do foster parenting for animals. Guess the hardest part is giving them up when the time comes. Bet Madison loves the company.
    Tyler is thriving in first grade and is turning into the little athelete. Loves basketball and soccer. When he is showing me his stuff like making a goal Katrina proceeds to compete by doing her dance routine. It becomes quite a show. She has decided to be a rock star for Halloween and is practicing with her rhinestone mike!
    Can’t wait to see you’all for the Halloween weekend. Let me know your schedule and I can meet you. If you need a car you can use one of ours.
    It looks as if my space may be limited here so will say goodby for now and will try and do better with staying in touch.

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