Madison / Wade / Anderson / Toadfrogs

Tubbles, Come!

Wade and I took the dogs for a walk, but they are little hellions when you try to take them both. We decided to try something new and took them over to Wade’s work. There is a large fenced in field behind his building. I thought they would stay around us and play. Tubbles had other ideas. She immediately took off for the far corner. I thought it was all fenced in, but I wasn’t sure so I ran after her. I can normally catch her after a short distance, but she must have been building up her stamina. When we finally caught her, Wade decided to teach her “come”. It took a few tries, but she seems to get the idea now. Because of her bad leg, you can just touch her with a little pressure on her butt and she collapses. I feel bad when it happens, but it makes catching her much easier.

We took home two very tired dogs.

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