On the Road Again, Just Can’t Wait to Get on the Road Again

We made it. The drive from Anderson, SC to Memphis, TN took us 8 hours. The dogs got the backseat and were better behaved than kids would have been. Madison took the seat and Tubbles took the floorboard. Tubbles has a bad back leg and was so stiff she couldn’t walk on it when we got home. That is a lot of time looking at nothing but road. Wade did all the driving with his audio books for company. I read, watched tv, and slept – what a great companion I am.

We visited with Aunt Viola and hopefully she will be out of the hospital and headed home soon. She was supposed to be coming to visit our house in October, but won’t be able to make the trip. Wade made a DVD for her of our house and we used my new little red DVD player to show her. It got a smile out of her.

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