Wade / Holly / Toadfrogs / Atlanta

Up, Down, Around, Over

After church this morning, Wade and I drove to Atlanta for a day of roller coasters. Jamie and her boyfriend have season passes to Six Flags. On certain days, they can bring a friend for free. Today was one of those days. We got to the park about 3 pm and spent the next four hours riding roller coasters. I am kind of indifferent to roller coasters. I will ride any of them, but I don’t really get excited. I did find one I really liked – the Superman. The roller coasters tilts the seats forward so you are facing the ground. It was also one of the smoothest rides we had. We got five rides in four hours – not bad.

Dinner was at Eat’s – lots of good food for cheap. This cash only restaurant has two counters. One is pasta and the other is chicken. In the pasta line, you can pick any pasta and any sauce for a set price. The chicken counter is either jerk chicken or lemon pepper chicken with numerous side options. Yummy food.

Now we are headed to bed early.

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