Madison / Toadfrogs

Houdini Strikes Again

Madison turned back into an escape artist this week. My mean neighbor had told me last week that she saw my dog out and had tried to catch her. I didn’t really believe her because Madison was in the backyard when I got home. Well, yesterday I looked out my window to see Madison in our side yard sniffing around. The side yard is not fenced in. I looked for a hole but couldn’t find one. I even put her back out and watched her to see what would happen and she just ran around. Last night Wade and I were having dinner in Greenville when we got a call from our neighbors saying Madison had jumped the fence. We have a 4.5′ fence! When we got home we put her in the backyard and then went outside the fence and called her. Sure enough she took a running start and then half jumped half climbed (with the help of the ivy) our fence. Guess that means we are working on the fence this weekend.

  1. You have a flying dog? That is SO awesome!!!!

  2. Not so awesome when I am the one who has to go chasing her down the street. We are headed to Home Depot later today to see how we can fix the problem.

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